Tariro Ndoro ~ Day 42 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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Agringada: Like a Gringa, Like a Foreigner

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Rosamund Stanford ~ Day 42 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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Rosamund lives on a farm outside Makhanda, Eastern Cape. Her two poetry books are The Peeling of Skies (Aerial, 2004) and The Hurricurrent (Deep South, 2011).

“Living in comparative isolation helps me free the tide of feelings that’s swept me to my present place. My editing skills desert me when I look at my unruly lines, as if my poems are afraid of my often stony eye.

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Katleho Shoro ~ Day 40 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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Colour Me Melanin (Contributor)

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Matete Motsoaledi ~ Day 38 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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The two poems used in the clip are:

1-Intro – quote from Mokone

2- Magang – For all unresolved murders in our communities. The beast is one of us.

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His work also appears in:

Bantu Letters, 2011 (Ten Workers Media)

Timbila Poetry Journal vol 7, 2013 (Timbila Poetry Project)

Tša Borala, 2014(Timbila Poetry Project)

Botsotso vol 16 2012 (Botsotso Piblishing)

Sol Platje EU Poetry Journal Vol IX, 2019 (Jacana Media)

Just Like Space Cookies, 2014 (Tenworkers Media)

Just Like Space Cookies vol, 2016 (Lepulana Music)

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Yamoria ~ Day 37 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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Colour Me Melanin (2019)

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Megan Ross ~ Day 36 of 21 Days 21 Poets

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Milk Fever (uHlanga, 2018)

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