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impepho press is a Pan Africanist, intersectional-feminist publishing house committed to the sincere telling of African and international stories, celebrating both the fragility and resilience of human experience. We believe in championing brave, particularly feminist, voices committed to literary excellence.

impepho press prides itself on providing our authors with the best editorial, design and promotional support possible, irrespective of the stages in their careers. At impepho press, we serve the stories, always! Because without our stories, we would, in the words of Audre Lorde, be crumpled into other people’s fantasies of us and eaten alive.

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about vangile gantsho

vangile gantsho is a poet, healer and co-founder of impepho press. Unapologetically a black woman, she has travelled the continent and the globe participating in literary events and festivals. gantsho is the author of two poetry collections: Undressing in front of the window (2015) and red cotton (2018). She holds an MA from the University Currently Known as Rhodes (2016) and was named one of Mail & Guardian’s Top Young 200 South Africans of 2018. Her latest collection, red cotton, an exploration of what it means to be black, queer, and woman in modern-day South Africa, was named City Press Top Poetry Read of 2018, and long-listed for the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences 2020 Award.vangile@impephopress.co.za

about Sarah Godsell

Sarah Godsell is a poet and a historian. She was born in Joburg, South Africa and has a deep love for this city. Godsell believes history and words are necessary, but not sufficient weapons to fight multiple oppressions. She believes in Fierce, Gentle, Beautiful Brave, in fighting and in hope. She has been writing all her life and began performing in 2009. She has performed in shows, festivals open mic and poetry plays in South Africa and internationally. Godsell has published one collection Seaweed Sky (2016 Poetree Publications), which was shortlisted for the Humanities and Social Sciences Awards (2018). Her second collection, Liquid Bones, is expected to be released in 2018. She, no matter what, always chooses up.

about Tanya Pretorius

Tanya Pretorius, fetsiboomsticks, Thursday's Cat Media

Tanya Pretorius studied English and Social Sciences at the University of Pretoria and did an honours degree in English with a focus on Feminism and Media. She is deeply passionate about improving the agency of women, social justice, and empowerment. Tanya has been working in the digital industry for 28 years and has taught digital things for 15 years. She has self-published and been published in both print and virtual media (she is a closet databaser, and blogs in multiple places).