Poetry Potion on the launch of Mahlangu’s ‘Surviving Loss’ and Godsell’s ‘Liquid Bones

The second book launch by impepho press brings you another two poetry collections. Busisiwe Mahlangu, winner of Tshwane Speak Out Loud, launches her much anticipated debut collection “Surviving Loss”. Sarah Godsell, finalist for HSS award 2017, launches her second collection, Liquid Bones. These poems live and breathe, and will find space to settle under your skin.

Poetry Potion, by Quaz

Gorata Chengeta’s (re-)view of ‘feeling and ugly’ by danai mupotsa

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The other day, a friend posted a picture of her copy of feeling and ugly on Instagram, with the caption “Companion”. I thought it was uncanny that hours earlier, I had thought about posting a picture of my copy with the exact same caption.


feeling and ugly is the first poetry book I have ever owned. I keep it by my bed, just in case. I don’t know what the emergency will be but I want to be prepared.

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Books Live ~ Interviewing Vangile Gantsho

Carla Lever: It’s hard to break into South Africa’s very small publishing industry. You’ve proven that going it alone can be a great solution, by self-publishing your own very successful book of poetry. Can you tell us a little about what that involves?

Vangile Gantsho: My debut poetry collection, Undressing in front of the window (2015), taught me that no one will willingly open doors for you. You have to knock, or break the doors down yourself. And in order to do that, you must always be willing to learn. Self-publishing requires more than just raising funds. You still need a good team. And it’s not an easy process. It’s difficult, expensive work…but fortunately also deeply rewarding!

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Judy Seidman did a sketch of vangile gantsho

I stayed under water for sixty days before I met my mother
in a burning hut on the mountain
She could enter only to fetch me and put me down
Was allowed only to feed me
then return me to the fire

(red cotton by vangile gantsho)

Sketch of vangile gantsho by Judy Seidman done at a
Feminist Women’s Art Network reading and writing event
organised by the @1in9_Campaign, a South African collective of orgs and individuals motivated by feminist principles & the desire to live in a society where womxn are agents of their own lives.

Judy Seidman, sketch, poetry, red cotton, performance art, vangi gantsho