Godsell’s history book chapter

Sarah Godsell’s chapter on ‘“Both Sides of the Story”: The Epistemic Nature of Historical Knowledge as Understood by Pre-service History Teachers in a South African University’ appears in the open-access book Teachers and the Epistemology of History 


Godsell draws on “Both sides of the story”, a concept outlined by Teeger (American Sociological Review, 80(6):1175–1200, 2015), to explore ways in which pre-service history teachers in a South African institution position themselves towards history epistemically, including positions on neutrality, and historical “truth.” Godsell draws on how pre-service teachers grapple with the “both sides of the story” concept—which Teeger has shown as a false narrative used to quell discomfort when teaching uncomfortable Apartheid history in South African schools. Godsell draws on her own students’ interaction with this concept, often defending it as an appropriate pedagogical choice to navigate painful history. Godsell argues for an understanding of epistemic stance that takes into account a range of issues about learning context: the students’, the country, and the history curriculum.

Source: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-58056-7_5