Busisiwe Mahlangu

Surviving Loss

Busisiwe Mahlangu is a writer and poet from Mamelodi, Pretoria. She is the winner of the Tshwane Speak Out Loud Youth Poetry Competition (2016/2017) and founder of Lwazilubanzi Project, an NPO aimed at using literature as a tool for learning, resistance and healing. Her poetry is a raw conversation around poverty, mental health, education, violence, healing and staying alive.

Mahlangu’s debut collection, written between 2015 and 2018, is undoing a house of silence. Her writing is too lived in to be naïve and somehow manages to remain untainted by the cynicism of growing up. If it is true that the artist is the child who survives, then this is the book that journey spat out. Surviving Loss is a gentle-urgent fight for breath and voice.

Oct 2018


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Surviving Loss, Busisiwe Mahlangu, feminist poetry, African, South African, Mamelodi, pan african, impepho press
Surviving LossBusisiwe Mahlangu, writer and poet, Mamelodi, Pretoria, winner of the Tshwane Speak Out Loud Youth Poetry Competition (2016/2017), founder of Lwazilubanzi Project, author of Surviving Loss, pan african, feminist, impepho press, earrings, bangles
Busisiwe Mahlangu